Davis New Vertical Feed Sewing Machine

***Davis New Vertical Feed Manual***

The link above is for the GoogleDoc of the original (restored!)  manual.

The front cover and index, dug out of one of the drawers...But almost all the pieces were there
And the rest of the manual, totally legible and complete!  Yay!!!



Phyllis in Iowa said...

Thanks for uploading the manual! I have two Davis NVF treadles and an extra head, plus three more earlier models. Lovely machines although a bit noisier than most of my other machines.
When I tried to download the file as a pdf, it came up as corrupted. However, I could easily download the file as a docx and can then convert it to a pdf file.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this manual with us!!

Laurel (from TX)

osmgreasemonkey said...

Thank you for saving and sharing this manual.

Holle said...

Thank you for the manual! I'm restoring my Great grandmother's machine and didn't know what the attachments were or how to use them - LOL! Any clue where I can find info on the cabinet? I seem to be missing parts specifically related to operating the lid and supporting the machine in the open position. Thanks again!

John Cartrer said...

Thanks much for sharing such kind of stuff. Sewing is a great thing in meanwhile free time.

Fat Girl Slim said...

Thank you . I just bought one .