Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woohoo! First Post!

Well, I think I figured this out...Finally!

I want to share what I'm up to here and stuff I make out of stuff I find :  ) ,my quilts and sewing projects, cooking and family life here on the coast.

Cross-stitch anyone?  This is out my kitchen window which has a screen...
Here's a better view:

...Off the front deck.  Good God.  I love fog.  We can often see over the top of it here and at this time the sun was also shining on the ocean but it's kinda hard to see in the picture.  Breathtaking!


And the lilies bloomed on the same day.  They smell really great!

Thanks for checking in!  More later!!

Love, Sarah


Lindah said...

How cool! I found you on your first post. I'll put you on my reader and look forward to getting acquainted. Loved your fog pic. We like to get over to the coast each summer, but probably won't make it this year.

at the northern end of the valley

Brian Remlinger said...

Hey Sarah!

I'm glad you liked that Scratch Out! The bottle has lasted me forever and I use it on everything... it does a bang up job on scratched CDs as well!

Guess what I found?! Vigorelli cams on ebay!!! Yes, I paid $16 for 7 cams plus an instruction manual. I have to admit I probably won't use the cams but I just wanted them because they're so hard to find..... I'm completely addicted to the Vigorelli and have a hard time sewing with anything else!