Friday, July 22, 2011

Road Trip!

I hadda do it!
Plenty of extra summer right over at my mom's so...over the mountains, across the valley (and a few rivers) and through the woods we lovely Calaveras county!

Once we got to Fairfield, the sun was shining for real...Also this is where the oleanders start on the way to Sacramento!

I love these oleanders!  They go all the way up to about West Sac or at least to the Yolo causeway...which is about 75 miles!  My grandfather, Dana Tyson, was responsible for these being planted so many years ago, when he was a landscape architect for the Army Corps of Engineers.
It's like a "Hello" from him every time I go by!

We passed this beautiful field of sunflowers too!  Ah, lovely yellow!

Keep a-goin', keep a-goin', passed the lovely blond hills of the valley and to the land of old oaks, ponderosa pines and lots of clover and sweet peas in flower!
It was so warm and lovely and dry and pleasant.  The boys went fishing while my mom and I took it easy, reading and painting and doing a bit of thrift store shopping...

And of course, I got to live under this perfect color blue for a few days!

Thanks, Mom!!!

Time to head back down the hill...

And home again!  There it is, looming large! My cave!

Having had a nice break though, I must say, I can appreciate it alot more!

There's my beach!  Hey, the water is blue even though the sky is gray!  Crazy!!
I am glad to be home!

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