Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spring cleaning in August

No sewing this week.  Or last.  Not that I don't think about it...I am jonesin' bad to get in some sewing time!
But the sun came out, finally, for a few days and so I was finally able to get my outside projects done.

One fun project to complete was this new tabletop for the front deck

Also got a bit of painting done...Outside trim on the house, living room and THIS project...

Last chance for the odiferous 301 case!

I have tried every method to remove the musty smell:  bleach, sun, fresh air, vinegar, oxyclean, borax and anti-smell spray over the past couple of years (Liberal sun and air between each attempt!  We do not mix these chemicals, no sir!).  Then, I ripped out the case lining and did it all again, and still it smelled musty, so how about 2 coats of primer!  So far, so good!  :  )  Now to pick a new lining fabric and paint the outside a color...At least it doesn't reek!  Halleluiah!!  I will be so glad to have this done and be able to keep the machine in it!  ( On the machine itself, I did also replace the felt in the drip pan and the spool felt, so the smell is gone from it as well )

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about the Ocean Waves quilt and also my Floribunda, which looks like it may have blue sashing actually...What do you think?

With or without?!  lol  Decisions, decisions!

Have a good week!


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