Thursday, February 23, 2012

Found thing

Look at this thing someone made

I love it.

I found it in a dumpster about 25 years ago.  Yeah, well, art school and dumpsters go together.  What can I say...You find things.  Things come to you.  

No idea who made it.

It's appliqued onto part of a dishtowel and with the most wonderful collection of random scraps of fabrics.  To me, it says no matter what materials you have, you can still create!  It's the heart and soul of an artist!  It is the joie de vivre that appeals most to me and the joy of creating!
It's the opposite of "Whaaa, I can't make anything because I have no stuff from the store"!

I kept it on the wall in my studio for a long time and lately it seems to want to do something.

Maybe that lady wants something to actually be sitting on...She must be tired of holding that pose for so long!

Maybe a bench.

and some grass

More grass...


Thinkin' on it.

What would you do?



Janet O. said...

I think what you have done looks great! : )

One Minnesota Quilter said...

She looks like she is waiting at a bus stop....building(s) behind her?