Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random good things

Thrift store shopping yielded these last week:

All these fat quarters and a beautiful big piece of this gorgeous peach and cream chrysanthemum fabric!

A jewelry box with possibilities...


It turned out to be out of some pretty nice oak and what a great spot to put some vintage embroidery!


From the Dollar Store:

Ooooooh yeah!  Nitrile faced gloves!  They work perfectly for machine quilting!
Not bad for a buck!  And easier to pick up than the Machingers which I have to send away for and pay shipping!

And from the back yard:

The girls are back in full production!
Hooray for Springtime!!!!



Janet O. said...

I love great thrift store finds! You hit the jackpot. Great fabrics--Look at what you did with the jewelry box and stitchery. So clever!
The dollar store gloves are a great idea--if they aren't too sweaty.
Fresh eggs--Mmmm!

Diane Wild said...

Boy, you were lucky to find all that nice fabric at a thrift store. I think the workers at my local thrift store take all the good stuff. Meow!

Kim said...

No way! you have chickens!
how cool is that.
Can we have a picture of them?

Happy sewing and congrats on those great finds.