Sunday, April 22, 2012

Applique...The Sequel

So, right after all that about the applique, sledgehammer-style, resigning myself to it, with the paper and the template plastic and the starch and the whatever, along comes Barb 
(as in Fun With...)

posts on her Jubilee quilt progress.

What beautiful work SHE does!  And guess what?!  That's all she does to prep, is draw it on and baste it and she is ready to go!  It's needle turn applique and it's my new favorite thing to do!

Check out my little sample

Yeah, I just grabbed whatever was handy and tried out the various shapes I have usually trouble with and NO  problem!  Points sharp...check!  Curves smooth....check!  Inside curves, points....Check!
It is SO not hard to do!  What was I thinking?!!

It is so liberating a method, so straightforward and no nonsense about it!
I just hadda say...I love it!!!!  I know I am gushing but it really is such a D'oh slap head kind of thing for me at this moment.

From here, it's just more practice and that I can surely do!
(Like, Oh, wow, make me sew!  Really?! lol)

So, here's a vote for Try It!  You might like it!

Cheers, and
Happy Sewing!



One Minnesota Quilter said...

I've not had good luck with needle turn. Perhaps I will have to have another go at it. I'm older now - more patience? Ha-ha! :)

Janet O. said...

I don't applique, but that is the method my mother uses, with great success. So I will try to remember (if anyone is ever successful in talking me into applique) that I should stick with the tried and true and forget the new-fangled methods.

Maureen said...

There are pros and cons to the various methods, but I agree - needleturn is easiest and versatile.