Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Boot

It all started with the little boot...

Awwwww!  Too cute! What can I do with it now it doesn't fit him anymore and that's my last kid...

Being an only child myself, I had to learn that what you do for one, you pretty much have to do for all four!
That's okay with me!
They've been planted up for a few years now as you can tell by the forest of moss lol

They all just live on my front deck.

Wow, I better paint that deck this summer!

Anyway, the strawberries that the Easter Bunny brought are already forming berries!
I put all four plants into this basket and so far, so good, but I don't know how big they are going to get!

Out in my part of the world, the freeways are a splendid pink

And the poppies are blooming and I sure feel blessed everytime I go out my door!

On my design wall is this


I refuse to allow myself to take it down until I finish it.  I really don't like it so if I take it down I will never put it back up again!
Maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing lol
No, I have to just make another border or something, just figuring out what will make me like it again!

Happy Sewing and Spring and Mother's Day!


Janet O. said...

Very cute blooming shoes!
My berries are not forming yet--can't wait!
Isn't it hard to stay with a project you don't like?

Maureen said...

Such a cute idea with the shoes.
I love seeing flowers along the road.
I've put away projects I lost interest in and pulled them out years later with new love. Sorry you don't like this one. Looks pretty to me - very lively!