Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Knitting, actually.

Like Toad, in the Wind and the Willows, when he discovered motor cars.

Just like that...Only for knitting socks.


Stop the presses, I need to learn how to knit.  Socks.
So, from Thanksgiving, that has been my obsession.

I did have the general idea, of how to knit, from sometime in my life, and I must have tried it out at some point...Maybe Brownies?  There seemed to be some element of muscle memory with how I tension the yarn.  It is kind of a wacky cat's cradle thing my left hand wanted to do to carry the yarn.  So I let it.  But the actual how to wrap the yarn and do the stitches, I really did have to learn from scratch.
Thanks to so many excellent YouTube tutorials, I did it!
Special thanks to my knitting teachers:  Cat Bordhi, Staci Perry (Very Pink Knits), Tina Robbins (BloomingKnitter), Liat Gat (KnitFreedom), and Elizzza (Nadelspiel).

So how did I do?

First pair!  Thank you for my large footed children.
Toe-up, sweet tomato heel.

Second pair!
Toe-up, sweet tomato heel, syncopation socks for the pattern.

3rd  pair, toe-up, Bubbles Down the Drain socks, sweet tomato heel again.

4th pair, child's toe-up, sweet tomato heel socks for my youngest.
4th of July socks.

And a pair of the same for me! #5

6th pair, in progress. 
These were actually supposed to be my first pair!  lol  It did take a bit to work myself down to size 0 needles.  The pattern is out of a book called The Knitter's Book of Socks.  Super cool.  Super great beautiful yarn.  I love it. 

I also knit this beautiful pattern from Nadelspiel Medici sock
Just the one so far.  I just made it up into a mitt because I wanted to try to figure out the pattern.
This glossary came in super handy.

I also knit a moebius scarf (no picture, gifted) and and am almost done with a Sontag shawl, which is this:

So there it is and there you have it folks!

Happy Sewing
(and knitting!!)


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