Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dancing Around Orca Bay

I had to pick the colors to use for my Orca Bay Mystery quilt.

I also had to go pick up my youngest from a playdate, but on the way, I saw these colors

which broken down, is a lot of purple and blue and peach and pink and a bit of yellow.
It's a lot like Bonnie's picture of Orca Bay.
But I don't have the right colors in my stash right now.
And I don't like my reds either.


Then I drove my other son to hockey and saw these colors

Let's see brown, green, neutral and blue.
That could work.
I have a lot of those.

But I don't want blue right now, so...

I will try a bit of purple instead.

We'll see how that plays out!

The husband likes it, which is lucky, since that's who will be getting this one when it's done!

Now to get started on my Step 1
244 quarter square triangles from the brown and neutral, coming up!

Hooray for Bonnie mystery quilt season!!!!!
My favorite time of year!

In case you didn't get the link above,
check it out at



Helen in the UK said...

Choosing colours and getting started is the biggest and most important step!! Good luck with all those triangles ... I'm almost there with mine :)

Ellen said...

I think choosing colours for a mystery quilt is probably the hardest part. I played it safe and went with Bonnie's colour scheme.

Sandra in the UK said...

I agree which is why I thought I would go with Bonnie's choices. Sometimes it is best to just take a chance on something unknown and have fun. Living in the UK means the time is at least five hours ahead. But I still have to wait for Bonnie to wake up and post the clues!! But visiting other "Orcan" blogs while waiting helps to pass the time.

Candace said...

Your pictures and your colors are gorgeous.