Saturday, December 31, 2011

Like Magic!

So, I had silver dip on my shopping list for my beautiful bracelet that had been in the goat pen under some boards in the dirt for a few years...

(Gad.  The things I find myself having to say.  Sigh.)

I really hate to buy that kind of stuff, you know it smells really bad and I end up with yet another jar of "stuff" under the sink...forever.  So, last night, I thought to google "cleaning silver jewelry" fast, in case there was something...

Okay.  I found this.  All I needed was salt and a piece of aluminum foil?  Really?  Couldn't hurt to try that...!

Check it out!  

This went from looking like an old length of seriously greasy bicycle chain to, well, WOW!

That was FUN!
(Now to install the safety chain on this one!!!)

UPDATE:  Click  HERE  if you would like to know WHY this worked!!!  Also, that link has a slightly different recipe, in case you're out of salt, but happen to have plenty of baking soda.
Mmmmmm, science!!
:  )


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