Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kindle DX cover #1

Oooooooh, yay!!
I got a Kindle for Christmas!
The BIG one!

Not too much on the market for cases for the DX so I hadda make one.  Of course.

Here are some pix of my first attempt!

Love the Maremekko.

Lined it with heavy muslin.

Plastic guard plates in pockets thanks to Safeway (vinyl display signs that said "Vodka" and "Sherry". Nice and easy to cut for templates and this kind of thing!)




Cover folded back and ready to snuggle up with for a cozy read or game of Scrabble!

Pretty easy and fine for a first try.
I'll attempt to create an actual pattern to make more.  It's a great way to use up the smaller pieces of those "special" fabrics I've been saving!

The next one needs a better clasp incorporated and a hand strap on the right inside cover so it will be easier to hold on to when open.

That's it for now, though!

Happy New Year!


This turned out to be the dog's breakfast.
1. The plastic, even doubled up, does not seem stiff enough to protect the Kindle from bending.  No, I did  not bend my Kindle, but I worried about it!  This thing is not small and I really didn't want to mess it up putting it into my purse with other bulky type "stuff" next to it.  
2.  The elastic is too soft on the corners and doesn't keep the cover on reliably.

Back to square 1!

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