Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A very good day indeed!

So, the kids were out in the back yard today, putting together a new shed for the goats...Well, new to us anyway, I got it off of Freecycle back in September :  )

Anyway, it was really nice and pastoral, I must say and that in itself would have been a good blog post.  Goats and chickens and the dog and the kids enjoying the day.  Just lovely!

After a while, I was just in the house, finding an actual picture of the shed so we could figure out how it goes back together and Chloe comes running into the house, "Mom!  You'll never guess what we found!!!"


This is my silver bracelet that my mom made for me at chain making camp a few years back and it had been missing for maybe 2 years or more!

They found it in the dirt, under some boards in the goat pen.
Kinda funny, Charlie dug it up and was all "What's this?!"...Toss!
Lucky for me, Chloe was right there and "Hey wait a minute!!!"

The picture is after I did clean it once.  It was totally black about 10 minutes ago!

I am so glad this has been found!
Now, to put silver dip on the shopping list and put a safety chain on that before I wear it again!

Happy dance!

:  )

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