Monday, January 9, 2012

10, 20, 30 Minutes to Sew

It Just Takes 2...Days of fitting a bit of sewing in here and there!

The first 6 blocks...DONE!

Thing One That I Learned:

Red and White solids are not a forgiving combination.  If you don't do it right, you pretty much gotta do it over!

Thing Two That I Learned:

The back basting technique was interesting.  I tried it and found it difficult to get the curves smooth.
I need to practice it some more.  On something else.  Later.  When my headache goes away and I am not tired.
I really love using freezer paper for applique.

*** Tips ***

Tucking into all that fabric, I needed to make it a bit more manageable.  So, just to get started,
I figured all the sizes I would need to do all the various blocks for this week and cut 2 strips each in of:
in both colors
and one 7.5" of the background color. 
That was a good idea.
I was able to get all the sizes I needed from those strips.


One Block 1, spin your seam allowances in opposite directions (1st 4-patch one way and the other one opposite) so they nest properly when you stack them.


On Block 4, I found it useful to sew my 1.5" strips to either side of the 4.5" strips for 6.5" each side, both colorways and strip cut the units 1.5" after they were sewn together.  It was a lot more accurate for me and quicker.

I actually sewed 12" of each.  Ooops.  Thought again.  Unsewed the little ends off of 4 each.
:   p


Looking forward to the 2nd installment of this mystery!

Sew you later!


ps  (Thanks to Nancy Zieman for the title of today's blogpost...This one idea, from her book of the same name, has kept me fitting in sewing for many years!)


mamypatch said...

merci d'être passée , bravo pour tes blocs aussi.

Kim said...

How are you finding the second group of patterns? They aren't coming together as easily for me as the first group and the sizes aren't true. I'm wondering if I printed the patterns at the right size..... be sure to double check before you cut :0)

Happy Sewing

liz said...

The red and white combo is just great.