Friday, February 10, 2012

Orca Bay...Better done than big.

I decided to let this one be smaller.
It will be my car quilt, because my knees always get cold on long trips and I have been meaning to make something for that!
Almost done...Just the final borders to apply.

Kinda funny was how my design wall looks, really.
Here, I backed up a bit.

Do you stack up on your design wall or do you finish one thing at a time, like a sensible person?



Janet O. said...

I love those earthy colors in your Orca Bay. Mine will not be full-size, either, but I just had to make it!
My design wall is so stacked right now--yours made me smile because it looked so familiar! : )

JustPam said...

We quilters must all be the same. My design wall has three quilt parts on it and under my machine are bags with more. My OB is in one of the bags. I love yours.

Barb in Smithers said...

on your design wall, on the left, what is the name of that pattern for the strips. I've seen them before but have never found a pattern for them.

Kerry said...

Well done on your Orca Bay. I love your design wall layers, different quilts to work on as the mood strikes. The staggered flying geese strips are fantastic, love the look of the pattern.

Sue Daurio said...

Great idea for the car quilt!! Your colors look great. Yep I stack things, but not quite as much as you :) You've some very interesting layers there!

Nadine said...

GORGEOUS quilt and GREAT idea about warming the knees (how could I skip such a good idea? Now I need a knees quilt, as well ;>)
LOVE your blog too, Sarah, and will certainly come back often !
PS : I'm definitely NOT a sensible person, so does my design wall proves (you should see the stacking! HeeHee....)


Maureen said...

Love your orca bay! I always have numerous quilt projects going on at one time. It seems to be the only way I can do it.