Wednesday, February 1, 2012

School Stuff

Just in case anyone thinks I've been slackin'...

Two projects.

Project #1.

In the 4th/5th grade, the kids do California history.  We do it pretty big at our school.
At the beginning of the year, the students are assigned characters that were at Sutter's Fort in its heyday, around 1840-45.
They study them and the history of the fort and then actually go there and have a sleepover.  Period dress, period activities, shoot the cannon...It's awesome.
So I taught them how to sew by hand and we made a sort of Pioneer Album quilt.
They did so well!  I am super proud of how well they improved their sewing skills over the course of making these simple star blocks.
And at the fort yesterday, we tie quilted almost the whole thing!

I still have the basting to remove and the binding to do, but here it is...

They each wrote on their block, from their character's point of view.
It was highly entertaining as I was laying this quilt out, to read what they wrote.

I surprised them by adding this border made from the "bonus" triangles, left over from their flying geese blocks!  It was extra gratifying, because more than one of the kids had commented on the "waste" when they had to whack off that part!  Heehee!  No waste here!!!  

I love how it turned out!

And yes, I was dressed in 1840's style!
If I get any pictures of me, I will show you, but I did also finish my dress, a 2nd petticoat, a day cap and an apron this week!

Project #2.  Crochet Coral Reef!

 Ocean's Week is a HUGE project at our school and this year's theme is Coral Seas,  my son's 3rd grade teacher (who directs Ocean's Week) decided it would be super fun to make..."Hey, Sarah, look into this..."  Well, that's how it started.  I looked into it.  Tried a few.  Wow, these are easy.  I did about 10-15 over that weekend and brought them in to show her.
 From this site we learned how to do it.  
Lots of parents and teachers have begun to work on it now.
These are part of my sections, so far:

How about that branch coral!?  Cool, huh?!

These things are really fun to make!  And a great way to have fun with some of the wacky yarns that are available nowadays.

All the coral pieces are attached to crocheted plastic grocery bags, as a base.

We imagine the whole school covered in these things by May!

Will keep updating here!

What a week!



Kari said...

wow! how cool! what great projects you are doing. i wish my sons teachers were this interactive when he was the age of your students

Leeann said...

Love how you surprised them with the bonus triangles!