Monday, March 12, 2012


The youngest has turned 9!

Mmmmm, a sea of Cupcake Cones!!!

Not only is it awesome he turned 9, but that was the last event in my stream of bi-weekly events that start every year in October and go until the end of Feb!!!  Hooray!!!!

Now, I'm off the hook until mid May.

Soooooo happy!!


So, this week I had time to finish this Bento Box quilt and take its picture before it went out the door... 

That was started maybe 2 years ago and when I took it out to finish it I was surprised how little it really needed to be a done, done.

Our dear friend Eise was mighty happy to get it finally!!

Other than that, I've been working like mad to catch up on my Just Takes 2 blocks...Almost there!  Only 2 more and I'm up to date!

More on that project later.



Janet O. said...

That 9-year-old will be grown before you know it, like it or not. : )
Very pretty quilt. Funny how we lose our momentum on something and the project looms large in our memory, even when it isn't.

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday, 9 year old! A wonderful age.
Fun quilt - Love the Dalmation dots!