Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Street...Crossroads

Here's where I'm at on this one...

I got to here:

Turned out to be the intersection of Easy Street and My Way...

I'm going here with it, I like the diagonal look mo betta

Playing with a border plan...

Check out Bonnie's Easy Street linky post for lots of other amazing renditions!


Other news...WeeeWooo, I got another sewing machine!
(you didn't know that about me didja?! heh heh)

Cute leetle cabinet!  Needs very little to restore (hooray!!!)

Dang cute!

And here she is, pre-spa treatment, but I just hadda show you!

Eeeeee!  I have been looking out for one of these for a while, the cast decoration White Family Rotary, circa 1928? 29? ish

I was going to put this head into a treadle cabinet, but after seeing it in its own, I think maybe I will just leave it there.  It really is in such good shape...We'll see how the electrics check out.

And I dub her "Ann Marie", after the original owner who sewed for her 4 boys on this baby for years!

Next week...Completion of bathroom remodel and wrapping up a few more projects!



Janet O. said...

Interesting twist on Easy Street. Looks good.
That is a great looking cabinet and machine. How fun!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Cool sewing machine and cabinet.

I like how you think on your own about quilts and take a different path!


Leeann said...

I really like the black n white large dot for the border. I think I have some of that fabric too, but not enough for a border.

charleeniebeenie said...

Wow, Sarah, that looks great!

Béa said...

Wonderful ! I regret a little to not have the original colours...

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sarah. Just found your blog because you stopped by mine. Beautiful quilt top that you're working on--I really like the colors and the design. And your new machine is a keeper--what a cabinet! I just found (and bought) an old treadle machine without the treadle and table. The machine was too pretty to pass up and it needed a home where someone would appreciate it (like me!). I hope to get it to work. I enjoyed visiting your blog!
best from Tunisia,

Anonymous said...

I love the alternate setting of your Easy Street. Magic how this quilt is stunning however you set it and whatever colours are chosen. Your new sewing machine and cabinet are lovely! The old machines/cabinets are hard to find in Australia, so I admire from afar.