Friday, August 29, 2014

Leaders and Enders

This year, we have lozenges.
I hardly ever have used my 3.5" strips, so this is good!
I have been cutting them up, bit by bit and have them divided into these little plastic trays so they are evenly distributed between what gets black and what gets white corners.
70+ black and 80+ white done so far, in sets of 10s.

And Carolina Chain has horned its way in there too, lately!

They are just so easy to do and I really did (do!!) have a ridiculous pile of 2" strips to beat into submission...Not that the pile has gone down much, but we are sanguine n working on it! I'm up to a hundred or so blocks.


Last year, we had split nine patch...

Because I had just done this one right before that, 
once I made a hundred or so blocks, I kind of got tired and wanted to try something else to make it bigger...
n so tried out scrappy trips blocks and it just was so lucky that since they have the same size, (2.5"), by the time I got tired of making scrappy trips, I had just enough for a border for the split nine patches I had done!


Then, the year before that, we had Spoolin' Around!
Which was awesome!

You can see that I've had a little love affair with black n white polka dots the past few years!  lol
I did finish this top off with some 6" spool blocks in neutrals, and appliqued over top of it the 50 miles of "bonus" triangles, which  were super tiny!  Ooooo, I love how this turned out though!
:  )

Gotta love the leader and enders!  I would probably not ever have made any of these, if it weren't for these challenges and it is super fun to basically, have them for nothing, in between the lines of my other sewing!




Stacey said...

Your Scrappy Trip is fantastic. It looks huge. :)

Marie said...

Totally love your spools and polka dots and how you incorporated the bonus HSTs. Such a great quilt, and nothing wasted!