Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello, again!

Time to check in! And trying out an app to be able to post from my phone.
According to the description, I should be able to post pictures but I don't see how as I type this!
I'll see what happens once I tap save!
I have pictures I would really like to share. : )
No. It doesn't work.
I'll add the pictures later...


Big news is:
My adorable daughter, age 20 now, is moving away next week, to go to school.
In Norway.
I am really excited for her and of course, terrified at the same time.
The old Baby Birds Leaving the Nest Syndrome.
Luckily I had something to sew! The quilt she has been wanting for several months and I never quite got to it...It's a doozie of a Disappearing Nine Patch for her from my collection of vintage fabrics (her choice!).
Three days of cutting, four of sewing the blocks.

Two days final assembly and basting...

Two more to quilt it...

...and one more to hand stitch the binding and add the label...

There is the last stitch  :  )

And the action shot of her happy self!   Yay!!

In the meantime getting dentist and doctor appts. done and new glasses ordered...What else can be done?  Well, if it ain't been done it by now...We just hope for the best!  Thank goodness for Skype.  I pray she will make regular use of that to keep me posted on her adventures!

Shameless sharing of adorable daughter photo.  :  )
From 3rd grade I think.

Happy life,

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

Absolutely adorable! Both the quilt and the picture. :)