Sunday, July 21, 2013


Here, I get to thank Bonnie Hunter twice.

First, for making me post to my blog, which I have been neglecting (again).

And mostly for the fun of this leader/ender project with the spool blocks, started last summer...

I had a fair sized stack done and couldn't resist sewing them together last month.
This is about 50" square in size.
I still need another couple of borders or something about 10" more on each side to make it bigger.
Still thinking about that...
Could be one border from a big piece of fabric from here:

Could be using some of these string blocks:

Or possibly incorporate any amount of the 500 miles or so of 1/2" bonus triangles left over from making the spool blocks:

Which would probably be ideal.

Let's go see what some other folks did with their spool block leader/enders!

and hope you all are having a great summer!


Andee said...

Your spools top is looking beautiful! WOW! I need to start getting my top together, thanks for the inspiration!

Kelly said...

This looks great - I love the polka dot borders!

Janice Baldwin said...

I love your quilt layout. Looks great

Maureen said...

Love it! The polka dots are perfect!

Aileen said...

Love the spool quilt. Polka dots is something I have shied away from until last year. It really makes it pop!

Helen in the UK said...

Your top is looking wonderful! I'd definitely try and incorporate some of those saved HSTs in the borders ... maybe a row of those, then some more poker dots, then ...? I'm sure whatever you decide will be great :)

Chris said...

Your quilt looks great so far. I also vote on using the bonus triangles. The colors will work (!) and it offers a sort of symmetry that appeals to me.